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The LAN Link Network (or more simply 'LAN Link') is a not-for-profit organisation that assists public LAN party groups and other electronic gaming event groups in Australia.

LAN Link was established in September, 2014. It has been operating for the last 8 years.

See Internet Archive snapshots of our original website at lanlink.net.au

Mission Statement

'The LAN Link Network is a not-for-profit community-centric organisation that advertises and supports public electronic games communities in Australia, with a particular focus on LAN (Local Area Network) games groups/organisations and their events.'


To learn more about how we operate, please view the information under the 'Policies' heading below.


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Website Listings

Once every 4 weeks, the LAN Link website is updated with new public games group information. This includes adding new games groups, updating existing games group information, and removing LANs groups that are no longer running. During the listing process, information on public games groups is gathered from various sources on the Internet, and is verified for relevance, detail and accuracy before listing. The information provided to the public on the LAN Link website is destined to be as accurate as possible. However, there may be times when mistakes occur during the listing process, so flawless information cannot be guaranteed.

Games group administrators inherit the responsibility to provide important information to the public, where and whenever necessary. In cases where important information is of particular concern, such as a potentially incorrect address provided for a particular event, the information will be highlighted in red and accompanied with a warning note. Other information of mild importance will be displayed in orange, and may also be accompanied with a warning note.

As the LAN Link Network depends on information gathered from the Internet, games groups lacking a substantial web presence, particularly those that do not have their own publicly viewable website, may not be listed. 'Facebook' pages are deemed acceptable, provided that they are not locked from public viewing, and have enough information of events that are held by their respective games groups.

Games group administrators can submit specific details of their LANs to the LAN Link Network, in order to speed up the listing process of their LANs, and provide more comprehensive information that may not have otherwise been listed.

The following points are taken into consideration when listing games groups and their events on the LAN Link Network website:

Although we do not control the content that other groups or organisations provide on their websites, we do reserve the right to omit and prevent the listing of groups and their websites on the LAN Link website, if we believe that such content is in contravention of our rules, or inappropriate for public consumption. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, violence, illicit drugs, sexual references, attacks on ethnicity or race.

Groups that host events that do not meet the LAN Link rules can still be listed, provided other events that they host do meet LAN Link's rules. Only events that meet LAN Link's rules may be listed on our website. Groups that do not have any events that meet our rules will not be listed. Groups that were once listed for meeting our rules, but who have since continually hosted events that do not meet our rules, will be delisted. Groups that have been delisted from our website, but who have since held at least one event recently that does meet our rules, can be relisted.

Groups that do not meet the rules and are delisted, are treated as "Out of Scope'. LAN Link does not actively monitor groups that become out of scope. However, 'Out of Scope' groups may be relisted, if their latest event(s) meet our rules. Groups in this situation should contact LAN Link to advise of this change, if they want to be relisted.

Game Classifications

Where there are games played containing content of a sensitive nature, there will be clear symbols displayed on the LAN Link website, which often includes the use of classifications relevant to the content (eg. G, PG, M, M15+, R). These are currently displayed on 'Games Played' and event pages. Please note there may be instances where we are unable to determine the classification associated with a particular game, in which case we will state that the classification is 'unknown'.

It is up to the participants of events aged 15 years and older to determine whether the content in specific games is suitable for themselves. Should children below the age of 15 attend public event, the onus is on their parents to decide whether the content of games is suitable for them.

We will respect the copyrights of the owners of games groups' works. Works include, but are not limited to, images/graphics/logos, photos, and video clips. We will do this by seeking permission whenever and wherever necessary. In cases where permission cannot be obtained, but material is accessible online, we will create links to the material, rather than host it on our website.

Time Zones

Times of events are always listed in the time zone local to the state, in which the events are listed under. Please keep this in mind if you are travelling interstate to attend a particular event. Please also consider daylight savings when determining times. Currently, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland do not observe daylight savings.


Competitions will occasionally be hosted by LAN Link. When a competition is opened, a full list of terms and conditions will be displayed, along with a brief description of the competition. There may also be a disclaimer section to read. All entrants are expected to read through the terms, conditions and disclaimer section before entering any competitions. Entrants are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the terms, conditions and disclaimer of a competition, if they have entered into it. LAN Link administrators cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may occur to entrants, should they have failed to read such terms, conditions and disclaimer(s).

LAN Link administrators reserve the right to request personal information from competition entrants, such as their first name, surname, email address and postal address. This information is used to ensure that entrants are verified for eligibility to receive prizes, as well as receive the prizes themselves, should they win particular competitions. Some personal details of winners are likely to be displayed on the LAN Link website, such as their first name, surname and state, as well as the prizes that they have won. Personal details of entrants aquired through competitions will only be used for the aforementioned purposes; they will never be used for any other purpose, and will be destroyed soon after the relevant competition has ended.

LAN Link administrators also reserve the right to declare specific entries into competitions invalid, should they not meet a competition's terms and conditions. For the foreseeable future, competitions held by LAN Link are open only to permanent residents of Australia; they are NOT open to any individuals outside of Australia.

When competition winners have not submitted their personal details (as mentioned previously) to LAN Link with their entries, they will have 7 days after the end of the competitions to submit their details to LAN Link, so that they can receive their prize. If this information is not provided in this period of time, or if the address provided by the winner is not of Australian origin, then the competition winners will forfeit their prize to a second place entrant.

A second place entrant is chosen based upon the type of competition. In a competition with a skill component, the second place entrant is selected when their entry is regarded as being the closest to the original winner's entry, with consideration to the competition's conditions of entry (e.g. second most thought-provoking, second most original, etc.). In a competition with a chance component, another entrant will be selected based upon another random draw, in which the original winner will be omitted. The selected second place entrant will be given the same period of time (7 days) to submit their details.

If neither the first place winner nor second place winner submits their (valid) personal details to LAN Link within the required period of time, the prize is kept in the prize pool.

Funding and Sponsorship

LAN Link Network is a not-for-profit organisation, and therefore does not actively seek to gain money, equipment or services for personal use; rather, it will accept donations for the purpose of supporting a website for the advertisement of LANs and games events in Australia, as well as directly assisting LANs that are in need of resources.

Downloads and File Sharing

While LAN events are mainly about playing games, they have often been used for downloading and/or file sharing across the network. The LAN Link Network does not condone illegal downloads, and by extent, illegal file sharing. Illegal downloading is the downloading of copyrighted works, without permission from the author of those works. 'Works' includes, but is not limited to; movies, video clips, music, software (which in itself includes games), photos and artwork. The downloading and sharing of underage pornography is also illegal. Games groups suspected of allowing illegal downloading and file sharing at their events, or promoting such behaviour publicly, will be omitted or removed from the listings on the LAN Link website.


External Links and Third Party Websites

We cannot control the content that is displayed on websites other than LAN Link. It is the responsibility of people who visit our website to make their own decisions as to whether or not they should view other websites through links from our website, and how to use the content on them.


While we strive to provide the public with accurate and useful information about games communities in Australia, we cannot ensure that all listings will be perfect and up-to-date with respect to the information that we collect on them. Information on game communities and their events, is likely to change frequently and without warning.

Organisation Agenda

No meetings have been convened, thus no official agenda has been prepared.

Website Agenda

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