Forum Rules: First time forum users please read

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Forum Rules: First time forum users please read

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All discussions should be of a constructive nature. People registered on the LAN Link forums (forum users) are entitled to their own opinions. However, users must not produce inappropriate material on the LAN Link forums. 'Material' includes typed messages (topics, posts, Private Messages, signatures), and images used in 'avatars' (personalised account pictures).

'Inappropriate' material is defined by the list below:

a) Discrimination of race/nationality, sexuality, religion, marital status, disabilities or appearances
b) Vulgar or offensive use of language, including the use of coarse language (swearing) and derogatory labels (name calling)
c) Harassment (persistent unwanted posting of a personal nature), invasiveness (personal questions and comments that make individuals uncomfortable), personal attacks
d) Sexual references, drug references
e) References for, or the endorsement of pirating copyrighted material

Also, subjects that are particularly sensitive, such as religion and political issues, will not be allowed for display or discussion.

Don't ever publicly criticise a particular LAN party, or a particular person, without first seeking permission from the LAN party or person in question. If you have a complaint about a particular LAN party or person, please raise your concerns with the LAN party or person in question first. If the complaint is not resolved in a timely manner, then you may send a Private Message to a LAN Link moderator or administrator on our forum site, or email us at

Constructive criticism is OK.

Users found using such inappropriate material by LAN Link forum moderators, will be warned. If the use of inappropriate material continues after users are warned, the accounts of users involved will either be disabled (temporary ban) or deleted (permanent ban), depending upon the type and severity of the material.

Posts should be made in their relevant forum categories/sections/topics. Topics/posts found to be irrelevant will be moved to another category/section, or deleted.

If users have breached the rules, they will be informed as to why a particular action was taken upon their material, whenever and wherever possible. This may be done via their registered email address, or as a Private Message (PM) via the forum board.

Currently, only users in the Administrators and LAN Administrators groups may post images in their posts and signatures. Aside from a user's avatar, images are not allowed in either posts or signatures in all other groups.

LAN Link forum rules may be subjected to change in the future. Users of the forum board will be notified of changes either via PM, or their email address registered with their account.

Forums users are welcome to report other users who they believe are in breach of the rules. This can be done by clicking the report button (exclamation mark) associated with each post of concern, or else posting a Private Message (PM) to a forum administrator or moderator.