Bringing Old Games Back To Life

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Bringing Old Games Back To Life

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As well as being an awesome source of information for past LAN parties and their events, the Internet Archive not only preserves snapshots of websites, but also allows you to play emulated versions of DOS games, and now, Arcade Machine games. The Internet Archive has recently added over 1,100 Arcade Machine games that can be played through your computer's web browser.

You will need to download a game before you can play it. Click on a game from the list, and then click on the large power button that appears in the centre of the screen. Downloads are typically around 10MB, so it shouldn't take long to download. The game's starting sequence will play after the necessary files are downloaded.

Given that Arcade Machine games once required you to insert actual money, and that the emulated versions don't alter any of the game's original code, you will need to insert virtual coins in order to play them. This can be done by pressing the '5' key towards the top of your computer's keyboard. Pressing the '5' key multiple times will insert multiple coins. To start a one-player game, press the '1' key. To start a two-player game, press the '2' key. You will most likely need to tinker with your keyboard to discover other keys required to play a particular game, as instructions are not provided with each game.

Please Note:
Saved games from DOS games are saved in your web browser's cache. If you want to keep your saved games, make sure that your web browser doesn't delete any cached files since you started playing. If your browser is set to clear its cache when closing, you may want to change this setting to prevent your saved games from being deleted.
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