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LAN Parties Forum Guidelines

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You may post to this forum, if you would like to discuss topics about LAN parties in general. Remember to keep discussions constructive.

Don't ever publicly criticise a particular LAN party, or a particular person, without first seeking permission from the LAN party or person in question. If you have a complaint about a particular LAN party or person, please raise your concerns with the LAN party or person in question first. If the complaint is not resolved in a timely manner, then you may send a Private Message to a LAN Link moderator or administrator on the forum site, or email us at

Constructive criticism is OK.

You can also use this forum's sub forums to post new topics about specific LAN groups and their events. Please make sure to post in the appropriate state in which the LAN group / event is located. Note that unlike other forums, you do not need to put the state into the title of a new topic.

New topics can be created for both private and public LAN groups / events. However, if you are advertising a private LAN, make sure that you include the word "Private" in square brackets at the beginning of the topic's title.


[Private] George's LAN party, August 15th, Geelong

Any private LANs posted in the LAN Link LAN Parties Forum will not be featured elsewhere on the LAN Link website.

To understand the differences between public and private LANs, please read our "Contact Us" page, found at the bottom right-hand corner of the website.

If you are a LAN administrator, try to post as much information about your groups and events as you can. Include things like the platform(s) being used (PC, Xbox, etc.), games being played, the location of events, the date and times that events run, what people should bring (if anything is required), and how much money people should expect to pay.

If you are instead someone who has discovered a LAN group or event, and would like to mention it, it may be better to give a brief description of the group or event, and then include a link to their website or the website that you found the information on. You may also choose to do a 'copy and paste' of the information, but please make sure that the information is copied correctly to your post. If the LAN is a private LAN, please check with the person or people involved with running it, as to whether or not you are allowed to post it here.