Club Nintendo + Rewards System Ending

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Club Nintendo + Rewards System Ending

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If you are into Nintendo, you may have noticed Club Nintendo cards in your Wii, Wii U, DS or 3DS game cases, with the following logo:

Source: ... ntendo.jpg

If you don't already know, Nintendo has been rewarding its customers who have collected enough "star" points from purchasing games and Nintendo equipment, through Club Nintendo. Once a certain number of star points have been reached, avid Nintendo gamers have had the ability to select a nice piece of memorabilia from a fairly wide ranging selection, on the Club Nintendo website. Nintendo then sends the reward to them in the post.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has announced that they will be ending this particular rewards program at the end of September this year. From the time of typing this, that means Nintendo fans will have just 11 weeks left to claim something from Nintendo, with their points (should they have enough). More about the discontinuation can be read here:

Discontinuation of Club Nintendo

Here's a quick link to Club Nintendo
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