SpaceCadet is in da LAN Link house.

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SpaceCadet is in da LAN Link house.

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Hi my user handle is SpaceCadet. This is the same handle I use at all the LAN Parties I got to.

I've been going to private and public LAN Parties since about 2002.

The biggest one in Adelaide was my first Public one. That was Valhalla with 450-500 people in the St Claire Recreation Centre Hall once a month.

The current biggest LAN in SA is Streetgeek with maybe 100 people every two months and well over 200 people for the October SG-X Event.

I have been running a thread on OCAU advertising the various South Australian LAN Parties since November 2012. ... ?t=1058547

I got into LAN Parties later in life and it has been a mostly enjoyable experience.

My preference is for FPS games.

I am running a thread for each state on this site as a volunteer that currently has an old list of LAN Parties and their websites.
Unfortunately it seems that most of these events have passed away [RIP] except for the ones listed on the SA and NT threads.
So if you know of any in your state message me IN THE THREAD please due to only 50 PM's allowed here.
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