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What do you need to have to start a LAN Party?

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:39 pm
by SpaceCadet
What do you need to have to start a LAN Party?

1. Private events at your mates house.

Gigabit switch with enough ports for everyone.
Everybody need to bring: PC, Monitor, Power board/Cables, KB. Mouse, Headphone, Gigabit Network cable, folding table and maybe a chair.
Games should be loaded and everbody updated to the same version before the event.

2. Public LAN's held in a Hall.

The most important is a committee to organise and run the event that is large enough to cover absences by committee members at events.

A couple of 24 port Gigabit Switches - Managed not necessary to start with. 25 metre long power cables from Bunnings.

Folding Tables or Trestles. Enough chairs for two seats per 1800mm long table.

Plenty of 4 port power boards. Tested may be necessary for a paid event.

Long Gigabit Network cables to reach each row of tables.

A pole to mount a switch at the end of each row of tables for easy access.

PA System if more than 10-20 people.

Cloth tape that is easily tearable & removable.

Sturdy crates to hold all the bits needed.

If food is going to be served a kitchen type room with a counter.

Larger events that go late into the night may want to hire security?

Insurance is going to be a big factor. Church halls may allow you to use their coverage or not.

Church Halls
Community Centres
Council Halls
Lodge Halls

That is all I can think of at the moment.