Help Quantum Computing Come Into Fruition!

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Help Quantum Computing Come Into Fruition!

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I just came across this interesting project on Kickstarter...

Called meQuanics, it is a project that is attempting to develop and use a game in conjunction with crowdsourcing, to develop quantum computing circuitry.

Yes, that's right... you can help scientists design computers that are exponentially faster than our existing computers, by playing a game at home. The game features scientific principles in the field of Quantum Computing, where people play either with or against each other, to manipulate design components in a 3D modelling environment. These puzzle pieces, when placed in the right places, ultimately form a circuit that completes a small part of a very complicated system. The smaller the circuit, the better, as smaller circuits help to down-scale the huge quantum computer systems that currently exist in laboratories.

Like many scientific crowdsourcing projects, you don't need to know anything about the field of science involved before you can start playing. The game includes a tutorial, which explains how to play the game. After completing the tutorial, you will get the opportunity to solve more challenging puzzles, with results from puzzles sent back to the laboratory to be studied.

Please note that the game is still in a development stage, so bugs may exist, which could cause the game to malfunction and crash. The developers are looking for people to either help test the game out, or fund their project on Kickstarter, so that they can eventually roll it out on multiple platforms. Also, the game can only be played on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari, not Google Chrome. If you normally use Chrome, you will need to temporarily download and /or open one of the other web browsers, and download a special "Unity Web Player" plugin, in order to play the game.

The team behind the project is trying to raise a sum of $100,000, so that they can work on releasing a stable version of the game, playable on multiple computer and mobile systems, including Windows, iOS and Android. At the time of typing this, they have only raised $3,500, which is a far cry from their goal. With just two weeks remaining to raise enough funds, can they get enough support to go ahead?

Want to know what quantum computing is in a nutshell? Check out this video on Mashable.
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