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Safer Website with SSL Certificate

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:30 pm
by llnadmin
As of today, the LAN Link Network website (the one you are viewing) has a new SSL Certificate installed on our website server.

What does this mean? When you visit our website using the https:// protocol, and login with a username and password to access your forum account with, this login information (username and password) together, and any other person information that you submit to us will be encrypted. So, if anyone uses a computer system that is set up to try to listen / hack in to the connection to pick up the information, they will not be able to display it in a humanly readable state. In other words, your personal information will be safe from prying eyes.

You will want to use it if you access our forum board, or the LAN Admin Utility, with a username and password. Just make sure to use the following address:

Once you have navigated to our website using the new address, if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you should see a green padlock icon to the left of the address bar. If you use Internet Explorer, a small padlock icon will show to the right of the address bar. In any case, click on the padlock icon to view more information about your connection to our website.

Note that you don't have to use this protocol if you don't want to; the website can still be accessed much in the same way without one, as there is no change to the address in that regard. Visitors who don't have an account with us yet, or who don't want to login to view the forum, can just use the normal address.

Re: Safer Website with SSL Certificate

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:42 pm
by llnadmin
We will be re-configuring the LAN Link website to automatically change the protocol / address of our website, to the secure format ( This change will take place in two weeks from now. Visitors to our website will no longer be able to use the insecure http version of the website. If you attempt to use the older, insecure version, you will be automatically redirected to the secure version.

Why do this? Because we believe the security and privacy of visitors and regular users of our website, should be of considerable importance. Nobody wants their personal accounts and details to be compromised, so this change will ensure that this does not happen.

The only downside to using the secure version of the protocol, is that some web browsers that are not in mainstream use, don't support the use of SSL certificates. In the rare instance that someone is using such a browser, please consider changing to a more secure web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge.

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