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LAN Equipment Competition

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:07 pm
by llnadmin
To break up the ice a bit, we are going to run a competition, where you can win LAN equipment to have LAN parties with!

Specifically, we are giving away 2 prize packs, consisting of the following:
  • - 1 x 16 port 10/100 TP-Link switch (unmanaged)*
    - 7 x 2 metre Category 5e Ethernet cables (straight / patch)
    - 7 x 5 metre Category 5e Ethernet cables (straight / patch)
The network switch and cables can be used to connect multiple computers and/or video game consoles together with.

Please consider the following details before entering the competition:

*It must be noted that the network switches are NOT brand new. However, they have only been used 2 or 3 times each, and both remain in very good condition. It must also be noted that since these are NOT gigabit switches, they are more suited towards video game consoles. They are still capable of working with computers that have gigabit network ports, but at a reduced speed.

The cables are in mint condition, as they have not been opened from their plastic packets since purchase.

The competition is based upon both skill and chance. One of the packs will be given away to the person who answers the following question, in 40 words or less:
  • If you were to hold a LAN party, what kind of LAN party would it be, and why?
The person who answers with the most interesting or thought-provoking answer will win the pack.

The other prize pack will be given away at random to one other person who enters the competition.

This competition will be open for 6 months from today. Entrants should email LAN Link ( with the subject 'LAN Equipment Competition', and give an answer to the question, should they wish to improve their chances of winning. All entries must contain the entrant's first name, surname and postal address, so that LAN Link can verify the eligibility of each entrant.

Note that you do not need to register for a LAN Link forum account to enter.

Please read the terms, conditions, and disclaimer below before entering the competition.

Terms and Conditions:
  • 1. It is presumed that whoever enters the competition ('entrants'), that they have read, understood, and agree to these terms, conditions, and disclaimer (follows the terms and conditions).
    2. The 'LAN Equipment Competition' commences at midnight on Thursday the 30th of April, 2015. The competition closes at midnight on Sunday the 31st of October, 2015. Entries received after midnight on Sunday the 31st of October, will be considered null and void.
    3. Entrants must be permanent residents of Australia, to be eligible to enter the competition.
    4. The competition is not open to the family members or immediate relatives of LAN Link administrators (the hosts of the competition).
    5. The competition is one of both of skill and chance. It is possible for entrants to be eligible to win one (1) of two (2) prize packs (see aforementioned prize pack contents).
    6. Skill component: Entrants have the option to answer the question provided in 40 words or less. The entrant that submits an answer that is considered the most interesting or thought-provoking (while remaining within the 40 word limit), will be deemed the winner of one of the prize packs. Entrants can improve their chances of winning the competition if they answer the question; however, the question does not need to be answered for the entrant to be eligible for the chance component of the competition.
    7. Chance component: Entrants need only to send LAN Link an email meeting the requirements of point 9(a) and (b), to be eligible to win the other prize pack. The winner will be randomly selected from the remainder of the list of eligible entrants participating in the competition.
    8. Each individual entrant may only enter the competition once; further submissions received by particular entrants will be considered null and void.
    9. Entrants may enter the competition by sending LAN Link an email, meeting the following requirements:
    • a) the email contains the first name, surname and postal address of the entrant
      b) the email is sent to the following address: , using the subject 'LAN Equipment Competition'; and optionally:
      c) the answer to the question provided (40 words or less), is typed into the body of the same email.
    10. The first name, surname and postal address of each entrant is required, due to the following:
    • a) to verify the eligibility of an entrant, for the reasons mentioned in points 3 and 8
      b) so that the prize can be delivered to the entrant, should he/she be declared the winner of one of the prizes.
    11. Once the prizes have been drawn, the winners will be contacted using the same email address they used to enter the competition with.
    12. LAN Link reserves the right to use the first, surname, state, and answers of the winners of the competition, to publicly announce the winners on the LAN Link website (
Disclaimer: Although it is possible to hold basic LAN parties with this equipment, it does NOT include other things that may be required, such as power boards, extension cables, and server equipment. It may or may not be sufficient enough to meet the requirements of your Local Area Network as a whole. LAN Link cannot be held responsible if the prize packages do not meet such requirements.

Re: LAN Equipment Competition

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:37 pm
by llnadmin
As no entries have yet been received for this competition, the period for entry will be extended by a further two (2) months.
Members of the public now have until the 31st of October to submit their entry into the competition. The entry period will not be extended again.

Re: LAN Equipment Competition

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:22 pm
by llnadmin
The LAN Equipment competition is now over!

Congratulations to Ben Miller from NSW, winner of the skill component of the competition.

The answer to the 40 words or less question: "If you were to hold a LAN party, what kind of LAN party would it be, and why?"


"I would like to hold a 1000 player+ LAN event in Australia (first since Big Day In), combing resources and groups from all over Australia to run it. Big enough for sponsors to throw real money behind it."

Also, congrats to Leigh McHenery from NSW, winner of the chance component of the competition.