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LAN Link: Open for Business

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We have made a change in our policies. As of today, businesses are no longer excluded from our electronic game organisation listings. Any businesses that were found previously to be running LAN parties or video gaming events will now be listed, regardless of whether or not they aim to make a profit from such events.

Why are we making this change?

There are three main reasons:
  • We would have be excluding events that would essentially be a part of our country's history of public LAN parties and video gaming events. All organisations who run such events are retained in our database records, in order to generate comprehensive statistics and useful charts for anyone interested in looking at our country's public gaming events history, our present, and even our future.
  • All public LAN parties, whether they are run with the aim to profit or not, are also run with the aim to entertain people who may be interested in the games and equipment they have to offer. More events going around, means more for people to choose from.
  • Trying to work out the differences between businesses that aim to profit from their events, and those who don't, is difficult to say the least. We would have to contact every games event business that we came across, and question them about their activities, profits and expenses. Then, if they actually agree to provide us with the information necessary, we would have to trust they were telling the truth.
Why didn't we include businesses in the first place?

Initially, LAN Link wanted to adopt a pro-community stance on LAN parties and similar events. We feel that it is best to for event administrators to try to provide as much as practically possible to the community, without them indulging in excess funds or sponsored prizes received from such events. In other words, we didn't want them keeping profit and/or donations for themselves. When this happens, events are in jeopardy of poor quality, which could anger participants / customers, and are subsequently likely to close down much sooner than later.

While it is quite easy to cover up excessive charges, or provide mis-information to the public, we understand that there are legitimate reasons why businesses run gaming events. For example, a business that normally operates as an Internet café, may find itself struggling to gain enough customers to keep the business running. The same business may eventually decide to run occasional LAN parties after hours, or on weekends, in order to earn enough money to keep the business open.

Indeed, businesses may decide to start with LAN parties and/or video gaming events as their primary source of income. If ever a business were to become successful, it may decide to expand, and increase its capacity to host more customers at once. Or, such a business may decide to stay small, and keep most of its profit to itself. It would be within its rights to do so. Furthermore, businesses that do well help to keep our economy stable, providing not only people with more places to go to get their gaming fix, but also potentially providing jobs and income to the local community.

What happens now?

We will proceed to list all business-based LAN parties and video gaming events, that are open to the public, on our website. This includes organisations with events from the past, as well as the present and future. Such organisations will be displayed with their ABN or ACN number, which can be looked up on the Australian government's ABN Lookup website ( People can use this information to help them decide for themselves whether or not a business's events are worth attending.
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