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List of groups in the LAN Link database (199)
NameSuburb / CityStateGenreGenre is sorted alphabetically, in ascending order.Platform(s)
Stick AddictionCanberraACTFighting Games
Battle Kat BunkerUltimo, SydneyNSWFighting Games
Sydney SmashUltimo, SydneyNSWFighting Games
OzHadouSydneyNSWFighting Games
Bay Side SmashGeelongVicFighting Games
Smash Bros North Queensland (Smash Bros NQ)Aitkenvale, TownsvilleQldFighting Games
Pixel bar & cafeHuntingdale, MelbourneVicFighting Games
Tasmanian Fighting Community (TFC)Mount Stuart, HobartTasFighting GamesVideo Game Consoles
Down Tilt FGCLauncestonTasFighting Games
Keep 'et ClassyFortitude Valley, BrisbaneQldFighting GamesBYO Xbox, BYO Playstation
Smash at SwanstonMelbourneVicFighting Games
Perth Iron King Arena (PIKA)Cannington, PerthWAFighting GamesBYO Playstation
CouchWarriorsBrunswick, MelbourneVicFighting Games
Melbourne MeleeMelbourneVicFighting Games
South Australian Fighting Game Community (SAFGC)AdelaideSAFighting GamesBYO Playstation
Gold Coast Fighting Game Community (GCFGC)Southport, Gold CoastQldFighting GamesPlaystation
Brofist Gaming Inc.MelbourneVicFighting Games
Cairns Smash Bros.Cairns CityQldFighting Games
Chris' Club House (CCH)Abbotsford, MelbourneVicFighting Games
Enigma EventsGwelup, PerthWAFighting Games
Power House LAN for Xboxes (PHLANX)Golden Grove, AdelaideSAFirst Person Shooters (FPS)BYO Xbox
Cyber Sports Nation (CSN)North Lakes, BrisbaneQldFirst Person Shooters (FPS)BYO Xbox
Brisvegas LANBrisbane CityQldFirst Person Shooters (FPS)BYO PC, PC
Legends of the WestJoondalupWAReal Time Strategy (RTS)BYO PC
GameCityPerthWAunknown / not specificArcade Machines
Melbourne GaymersMelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO Nintendo Console
BFG LAN PartyGlenorchy, HobartTasunknown / not specificBYO PC
Trans4mersSalisbury, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox, BYO Playstation
Reload eSportsCanberraACTunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox, BYO Playstation
Area 52HobartTasunknown / not specific
OneTouch PLAY!LauncestonTasunknown / not specificBYO PC
Zen Gaming LoungeSouthbank, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificPC
GreenTubeLANPatterson LakesVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
ScoutLANNorthgate, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
GG EZ BarMelbourneVicunknown / not specific
Wangaratta Gamers League (WGL)WangarattaVicunknown / not specificBYO PC, Xbox
LAN-BurgerWandongVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
St Clair Anglican LAN Parties (SCALP)Saint Clair, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Nintense Gaming AustraliaMelbourneVicunknown / not specific
North Pine GreensStrathpine, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Coffs Gaming LeagueCoffs HarbourNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Central Coast Gamers Lan (CCGL) - Dartanion InteractiveNiagara Park, Central CoastNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Baked Gaming NetworkNarre Warren, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
Greenlight ComicsAdelaideSAunknown / not specific
Elite GamerzBayswaterWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
E-Sports Gym (ESG)Pooraka, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificPlaystation
happyLANTanundaSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
FragNationGawler, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
In The Zone Gaming (ITZ)North MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
TeamDamageUnanderra, WollongongNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
UraidLANUraidlaSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Adelaide University LANning Society (AdeLAN)Daw Park, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Catalyst GamingLauncestonTasunknown / not specificBYO PC
The Perth ArtifactoryOsborne Park, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
The Hyperactive LANNuriootpaSAunknown / not specificXbox
FragFest [original]Kensington, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
XP Esports QueenslandEast Brisbane, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC, Xbox
The Barracks LAN Games & Tech CentreCanberraACTunknown / not specificPC
Academy of Gaming, Film and Animation (AGFA) ESportsElizabeth, AdelaideSAunknown / not specific
Gomaz Vs Pedro (GvP) eSports ClubTighes Hill, NewcastleNSWunknown / not specificPC, Nintendo 64
Terra FractaNewnhamTasunknown / not specificBYO PC
Playford Library STEAM HubMunno Para, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificPC
RushLANMareebaQldunknown / not specificBYO PC, Video Game Consoles
University of New South Wales PC Society (UNSW PCSoc): Computers and TechKensington, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Top Deck GamesBraybrook, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO Nintendo Console
CoffsLANBoambee EastNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Zill GamingCairns CityQldunknown / not specificBYO Nintendo Console
A Weekend of LAN (AWoL)Avalon Beach, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Wanyoo Esports SydneySydneyNSWunknown / not specificPC
Next Tier Gaming & EsportsCasuarina, DarwinNTunknown / not specificBYO PC
Camberwell Internet Centre (CIC)Hawthorn East, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificPC
Libraries TasmaniaLauncestonTasunknown / not specificPlaystation, BYO Nintendo Switch
UWALANMount Claremont, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Brothers of the Blue Pill (BBP)BowralNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Curtin EsportsCannington, PerthWAunknown / not specific
Escape PortalCannington, PerthWAunknown / not specificPC
Level Up EsportsPalmerston City, DarwinNTunknown / not specific
WestLANBeckenham, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
CollectiveLANMount Claremont, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Regeneration ClanYeronga, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
PvP GamingEast Brisbane, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificVideo Game Consoles
Central Queensland Gamers League (CQGL)FrenchvilleQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Mildura Rural City CouncilMilduraVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
The Big LANMitcham, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC, PC
South Australia Smash CentralAdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO Playstation
Darwin GamersMalak, DarwinNTunknown / not specificBYO PC
Double KO E-SportsLeumeah, SydneyNSWunknown / not specific
Fast Based Internet (FBI) GamingSydneyNSWunknown / not specificPC
ANU Fighting Game Club (ANUFGC)Acton, CanberraACTunknown / not specific
ANU EsportsActon, CanberraACTunknown / not specific
WonderLANGoodwood, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox
LAN down under (LANdu)Ravenhall, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
GatewayTeringieSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
BrisLANCannon Hill, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
The SwitchBoondall, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specific
Far North Queensland Gamers League (FNQGL)Cairns North, CairnsQldunknown / not specific
LanVictimsAshgrove, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
1Up EntertainmentSouthbank, MelbourneVicunknown / not specific
Game Time LANNew Town, HobartTasunknown / not specificPC
Northern Adelaide League (NOADE)Salisbury, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificVideo Games Consoles
Sydney Gamers League (SGL)Riverview, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Queensland Gamers League (QGL)Nathan, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Onkaparinga YouthChristie Downs, AdelaideSAunknown / not specific
Air-Stream LAN (ASLAN)Para Vista, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Local Area Games (LAG)WatsonACTunknown / not specificBYO PC
Far North Queensland LAN (FNQLan) [original]Smithfield, CairnsQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Far North Queensland LAN (Fnqlan)Cairns North, CairnsQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
WAXLANGuildford, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO Xbox
Area51Glenelg North, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
V-LANMoss ValeNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
SLAK GamingMooroolbark, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
LanSmashNathan, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Tasmanian Pop Culture Society (TasPop)HobartTasunknown / not specificBYO PC
RandLANWangarattaVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
Boys' Brigade New South WalesToongabbie, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Coffs eSportsCoffs HarbourNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Performance Gaming LAN (PGLAN)Fortitude Valley, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Cairns Gaming LAN (CGLAN)Cairns North, CairnsQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Asperger Services Australia LtdVirginia, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Zebbie LANBathurstNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
The FrequencySt. Marys, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Sydney GaymersDarlinghust, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Newcastle University Anime Club (NUAC)Callaghan, NewcastleNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Multiplayer United (MPU)Mosman, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Community Of GamersCampsie, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Albany GamersCentennial ParkWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
FpsCornerKiamaNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
SwitchLANsEltham, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
NACTLANCivic, CanberraACTunknown / not specificBYO PC
Endurance LANCaboolture, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Battlefield BargoBargoNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Dark-MediaMornington, HobartTasunknown / not specificBYO PC
Sunny Coast LANKureelpaQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
Shafted LANBundoora, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
FragFest LANParramatta, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
RedFlag LANfest (RFLAN)Bentley, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
GoSolidMelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO Xbox
CobraLANsCroydon, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
LAN Of The DamnedWarrnamboolVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
LANmineSATanundaSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
InLAN Network GamingBlackwood, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Good Gaming Fun (GGF)Strathpine, BrisbaneQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
LAN AddictsInglewood, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
WolsLANWaikiki, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
RespawnBundoora, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
Alice Springs LAN Group (ASLG)Sadadeen, Alice SpringsNTunknown / not specificBYO PC
UplinkDaptoNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox, BYO Playstation
VitalityActon, CanberraACTunknown / not specific
Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team (D'FAT)New NorfolkTasunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Playstation
Bluewire LANDiamond Creek, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
Xbox LAN South Australia (XLANSA)Goodwood, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO Xbox
Kings Park LAN (KPL)Kings Park, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Ctrl Alt DefeatSydneyNSWunknown / not specificPC, Xbox
The BohageCastle Hill, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Impact LANTea Tree Gully, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox
Chill TechnologySalisbury, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Capital LANHoltACTunknown / not specificBYO PC
Outplay PerthNorthbridge, PerthWAunknown / not specific
Awaken LANsKew, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
Barossa Valley LAN Community (BLANC)TanundaSAunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox
Adelaide LAN Party Association (ALPA)Valley View, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Eureka LANSalisbury, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
3xtreme LANClayton, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
Lan ++North Haven, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Indie LANBoronia, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
eLeagueEveleigh, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Valhalla LAN PartiesWoodville, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
IgniteLANPara Vista, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
WiLANgaWillungaSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
SoLANGlenelg, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO Xbox
ZeroLife EntertainmentClaremont, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
ROFL LAN GamingTraralgonVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
LAN Party Central (LPC)Goodwood, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox
Lewitzka Computer ServicesVictor HarborSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Gi-LANWarwick, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Real Life GamingHelensvale, Gold CoastQldunknown / not specificBYO PC
ShadowlogicMelbourneVicunknown / not specific
Relief LANsDiamond Creek, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox
PokéMelbourneMelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO Nintendo Handheld
LAN-slideAspendale Gardens, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
GippsLANSaleVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
GigaLANWerribee, MelbourneVicunknown / not specificBYO PC
Xbox in the Hills (XitH)LobethalSAunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox
VortexNuriootpaSAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Newcastle Gamers League (NGL)Lambton, NewcastleNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Cooldown eSports LoungeHobartTasunknown / not specificPC
SwinGamersHawthorn, MelbourneVicunknown / not specific
Avalanche GamingEast BunburyWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
ATROCiTY:GamingGlenorchy, HobartTasunknown / not specificBYO PC
Nitro Offline Sports Gaming (NOS)Leanyer, DarwinNTunknown / not specificBYO PC
Zeal Youth (Golden Grove Salvation Army)Wynn Vale, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificPC, Xbox, Arcade Machines
North Shore Gamers (NSG)Normanhurst, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
Hard ResetSt. Marys, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC, BYO Xbox
Sydney Overclockers Gaming Community (SOGC)Parramatta, SydneyNSWunknown / not specificBYO PC
POWA LANJoondalup, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
PokéPerthSubiaco, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO Nintendo Handheld
Elite E-Sports Tournaments (EEST)Como, PerthWAunknown / not specific
Computer and Security Student Association (CASSA)Mount Lawley, PerthWAunknown / not specificBYO PC
Gawler LAN PartyGawler, AdelaideSAunknown / not specificBYO PC