Lists LAN party and other video gaming events on the LAN Link website, and helps advertise such events.

Starting Requirements

Volunteers must have signed the Volunteer's Agreement, to be able to take up the role of an Advertiser.




Do not advertise private events. The LAN Link Network is specifically about public (community-based) LAN groups and their events, not private events. If you know of a friend or someone from the public who wants to advertise his/her own private LAN event, suggest that they create a post on the LAN Link Network forum board. Events held in people's houses are also not acceptible, even if they are open to anyone who wants to attend. Invitationals are not acceptible, as they are not completely open to the public.

Make sure you have the permission from a respective administrator of a particular LAN group, before advertising their event. Do not advertise without permission. If you are not given the permission to advertise, accept their opinion, and move on. Don't press the point.

Respect the use of LAN group logo(s) and related artworks. If the administrators don't want you using them, ask if you can just advertise with words instead.

When advertising on websites other than the LAN Link website, try to respect the rules of other websites. If there are rules that state advertising is not allowed, try asking the website administrator for permission before you put any form of advertising on their website. Failure to do this will likely result in the advertisment viewed as being spam, and removed. If you made an account to advertise with, it will also likely be deleted.

When advertising anywhere, make sure to include the most important facts: - days and times - venue and location - entry costs - equipment people are expected to bring (if any) - any other important info, such as venue access through security, car parking, getting around obstacles, etc.

Also, make sure that you provide the correct information when advertising events. It can be easy to make mistakes, and such errors can create confusion and anger in the public. Double-check the event information you have before advertising the event. When asking about event information, or copying event information from a source, use a legitimate / official source. Preferrably, either contact a LAN administrator of the event directly, or use their website.

When placing posters, you may need to seek permission for certain public places. Please check with the relevant authority before putting up posters in public places (e.g. centre management of a shopping centre, student councillors of a TAFE or University institute, principal of a school, etc.) All posters that are put up somewhere, must be taken down after the event that the poster relates to has passed. Do not volunteer to put posters up, if you do not want to take them down again. Also, make a note of where you have placed posters, so that you don't forget when it is time to take them down.


When asking permission to advertise anywhere, remember to mention that the LAN Link Network is a not-for-profit organisation that is striving to help Aussie gaming commmunities with their events. This simple fact could make the difference between a successful advertisement, and rejection.

The use of flyers is not recommended. This is a very time-consuming way to advertise, time which could be better spent advertising in other ways. Flyers can also inadvertently become litter, which is not a good look for any organisation.

To help reduce the work load between them, an Advertiser can choose to work cooperatively with a Data Miner, by passing on information about LAN groups and their events between each other. If an Advertiser notices that a LAN group's details have changed, such as their event location or platform types, he/she can pass this on to a Data Miner. If a Data Miner notices an event that may have been missed by an Advertiser, he/she can inform the Advertiser of this.