Scours the Internet for data relating to LAN parties held in the past. Records the data in the LAN Link Network database.

Starting Requirements

It is advised that volunteers should not perform the role of an Archivist, unless they have a lot of time to spare.




*Note: The administrators of LAN groups must be asked for permission before storing artworks and other materials. This is to respect their copyrights, a set of rights given automatically to individuals of creative works, by Australian laws.

When adding past LAN groups and events into the LAN Link database, an Archivist must be careful to record data exactly as it is found. An archivist must also name LAN events exactly as they are found. They must not add the name of the LAN group to the front of the name of their events, unless they are displayed that way when found. When an event is found without a name, "Event" must be used for the event's name.

Only public LAN groups should be listed, so don't list any any private parties. See our policies for acceptible listings.


This role is very time intensive; volunteers are asked to consider the potential duration of this role, before requesting it. An indefinite period of time could be spent collecting information, as we don't yet know how much information we need to go through.

The "Wayback Machine" featured on the website of the Internet Archive (, is a very useful tool that can be used to find data on past LAN events. If you can find website addresses of LAN parties that were hosted in the past, the "Wayback Machine" can provide copies of pages from each website recorded at various times. Please note that the Wayback Machine is not perfect, and there will always be pages missing from their records. To view an entire list of file resources that the archive may have on record for a particular website, use the following URL format:*/*

^Note: The mechanism with which resources can be added to the database has not yet been developed. Until this has been developed, resources will need to be manually uploaded to the LAN Link server. Currently, the server storage space has been deemed insufficient for storing videos and high definition photos. We will look at upgrading this storage space in the future. In the meantime, such resources will either need to stay where they are, or be kept on a local computer of an Archivist. Please remember that permission must be sort from administrators of groups, before any of their artworks, etc. be downloaded and stored.

Archivists should not refer to past LAN groups as "dead". Instead, the term "closed down" should be used to describe LAN groups that have closed down. If it is not known whether or not a LAN group has specifically closed down, the current guideline is to mark and/or label it as "inactive".

When looking back over a series of events that were run by a group, it may be better to work backwards through time, rather than forwards. This is because many events are either postponed or cancelled by groups. Since we want our database to be very accurate, working backwards will help to find out if there were events that were postponed or cancelled, so that they are not accidentally or incorrectly listed. This will also help to save time.