Someone who figuratively represents The LAN Link Network, while interacting with the public or LAN Administrators.

Starting Requirements

Volunteers of this role must have a good understanding of how LAN parties operate, before they can take on this role. Volunteers must have signed the Volunteer's Agreement, to be able to take up the role of a Junior Representative. LAN Link Network administrators must have had at least 6 consecutive months as a Junior Representative, before they are allowed to take on the Senior Representative role.


[Junior Representative]

[Senior Representative]
All of the above, plus the following:



Junior Representatives must not discuss the inner workings of existing LAN groups with their administrators. They must not make comment or give suggestions to the operation of LAN groups and their events to their administrators. Only Senior Representatives can do this.

LAN Link Network volunteers cannot be Senior Representatives; only LAN Link Network administrators can take on this role level.

Senior Representatives must never dictate what LAN administrators should do. Ideas and suggestions are allowed.

Currently, recommendations to LAN administrators are not allowed. Be careful how you word your conversations with them. e.g. "I know of a good software package you could try..." is fine, but: "Download this. It will work. Trust me..." is not.